The ADHD Company

Based in Barrie

In person coaching available in Barrie. Our office is on Cedar Pointe Drive near the Dunlop Street exit on the West side of the 400.

We also provide video sessions at a reduced cost. We are able to do this by using pay as you go office space.


Having and keeping relationships is not a strength for people with ADHD. Learning strategies to have more meaningful relationships can be the best thing you can do for yourself.

Work & School

ADHD can be an engine of success in your career or it can be your stumbling block. 

Mental Health

People don't appreciate this until its gone.  ADHD is a great engine to achieve all sorts of things but burnout is one to avoid.

Adults Too

ADHD is not just a childhood disorder.

All Relationships

ADHD is a part of every relationship in an ADHD person's life. 


There is no single test that can confirm a diagnosis of ADHD.


The symptoms of other conditions can resemble those of ADHD.  

Short E-Book on ADHD

Put together by The ADHD Company this is the book for non-readers. It summarizes ADHD and what you can do about it.

Go To Book About ADHD

Widely recognized as the classic in the field, the book has sold more than a million copies.

Audio Version

Not  all of us ADHDers read so this one is for you!