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frida: ADHD Diagnostic Assessment and Continuous Care Treatment

Frida is a virtual clinic for adults seeking ADHD diagnostic assessment and treatment in British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario. Our clinical team is made up of nurse practitioners and registered nurses, some of whom you will meet at your 75-minute consultation appointment with us. Our teams are also supported by doctors and a psychiatrist. 

Frida operates on a team model, and as a result, it is possible to see a different clinician at your appointments. All of our clinicians are experts and trained in ADHD to provide a high level of quality care. We operate on a team model to ensure we are able to book you into receive care at the earliest possible appointment time.

We collect all of your medical information through detailed online forms and questionnaires in advance of your consultation, and our clinicians review your information in advance of your appointment so that we can make the most of the time we spend with you. This is also how we are also able to provide your assessment within your diagnostic assessment appointment with us. 

Diagnostic Assessment
  • ADHD assessment appointment: You will spend 75 minutes with your clinician. If more time is needed, a second follow-up appointment is scheduled at no additional charge.
  • Diagnostic results: At the end of your assessment, your Frida clinician will share the assessment results and your personalized treatment plan (if diagnosed). You may also request a comprehensive diagnosis report.
Cost: $599, financial assistance available through frida

Continuous Care
  • Your personalized treatment plan: Everyone’s ADHD journey is different, and we want you to have a specific plan catered to your needs that is flexible in changing with you as you change.
  • Regular appointments with our mental health specialized clinicians: Monthly appointments with a clinician during your titration process and 3 month check-ins once you have reached a stable prescription with the opportunity to check-in anytime, should anything need adjusting.
  • Subsidized medication costs*: Financial assistance options are available depending on your prescription. 
  • Unlimited messaging with our care team: Send questions, concerns, and support requests to our care team 24/7 and receive a reply within 48 business hours.
  • Free delivery for medications*: Our partner pharmacy will ship your medication right to your door (if your location is eligible).
  • Frida Circles and Community: We have started our pilot peer support groups and discord community.
Cost: $29/month

Phone: 1 587 844 6287