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Medication Management


Spencer is a medication manager that alerts you when you need to take your medication. We also love that we don't need to mess around with all the different medication we have to put it into a pill organizer. The medication is provided in a cartridge by the pharmacy that supports it. In Ontario Spencer can be free if you have five or more medications to manage. 

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Did I take my meds?

If you are like me then occasionally you forget whether you took your meds or not. To avoid double dosing or skipping a dose, a solution is to get pill bottles that tell you the last time they were opened.

Meal Preparation

Chef's Plate

Meal Planning Made Easy
Order from a weekly menu of tasty meals at the click of a button. Say goodbye to meal planning and grocery shopping!

Dinner at your Doorstep
Open your box to discover everything you need to make a delicious dinner, including step-by-step recipe cards and fresh produce. Ice packs keep everything fresh until you get home.

Time and Money Saved
Skip the trip to the grocery store and cook easy, affordable meals in 15 to 30 minutes. Save time and enjoy the best part — eating!

Other services like Chef's Plate can be found in a great comparison chart at:

Prep your food once a week

Focused sessions of preparation are more friendly to the ADHD mind. Cooking with enough for leftovers is one way to do this. Cook once and you get multiple meals. 

Another way to prep your food once a week is to pack all of your lunches for the week in one sitting. Having to do a separate session for each preparation is tougher for us than doing it all in one go.