The ADHD Company

Testing for ADHD

Testing for ADHD can be a complex and involved process, as there is no single test that can definitively diagnose the condition. Instead, a comprehensive evaluation typically includes multiple sources of information, including:

· A thorough clinical interview

· A review of developmental, medical, and educational history

· Observations of the person in various settings

· ADHD-specific rating scales or checklists

· Psychological testing to rule out other conditions that may be causing ADHD symptoms or to assess academic skills, intelligence, and social-emotional functioning

· A review of any available records, such as school reports or progress notes from previous evaluations

The ADHD evaluation should be conducted by a qualified mental health professional with experience in diagnosing and treating ADHD, such as a physician, psychiatrist, pediatrician, or clinical psychologist. The professional should take into account all of the available information to make an accurate diagnosis. 

The Adult ADHD Centre (Testing)

The ADHD Company recommends using The Adult ADHD Centre for testing in Canada if your physician does not want to diagnose you. It is run by Dr. Parhar who has been testing for ADHD for seven years and has accessed over 12,000 Canadians. The Adult ADHD Centre is the most affordable private testing we have come across yet. They have trained Nurse Practitioners across Canada to do testing in your province or territory. The Assessment is $300. For more information go to:

Talk with Frida (Testing, Medication)

Frida is a virtual clinic for adults seeking ADHD diagnostic assessment and treatment in British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario. Their clinical team is made up of nurse practitioners and registered nurses - who you will meet at your 75 minute consultation appointment. Their teams are also supported by doctors and a Psychiatrist. For ADHD testing it is: $599.

Springboard Clinic (Testing, Medication, Coaching)

The ADHD Company recommends using Springboard Clinic for testing youngsters (as well as adults.) The cost is much higher but the quality of the treatment matches.