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Adult ADHD Centre: ADHD Testing

Over 12,000 patients assessed. Affordable, accessible adult ADHD assessments for $300 across Canada.

This assessment uncovers ADHD and other common co-existing disorders such as anxiety and depression.

• Completion of detailed and comprehensive Adult ADHD Assessment Tool
• Clinical Interview with an ADHD Consultant/Nurse Practitioner via telemedicine within 2 weeks
• Adult ADHD Consultation Report provided which includes diagnosis, past medical history, pharmacological and nonpharmacological treatment plan recommended by Nurse Practitioner, and reviewed and approved by Adult ADHD Centre Educational Director and Medical Director.

What to expect at the Telemedicine interview:
• Conducted by ADHD Consultant/Nurse Practitioner specializing in ADHD from the comfort of your own space via secure and private video platform from anywhere in Canada
• Discussion of the completed ADHD Assessment Tool, Diagnosis and both non-pharmacological and pharmacological management recommendations 

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