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ADHD And The Solopreneur

Postit Notes

Solopreneurs with ADHD face unique challenges in managing their businesses, but they also possess distinctive strengths that can lead to exceptional success. The intense focus and ability to hyper-fixate on tasks that interest them can result in a high level of detail and innovation in their work. 

However, the fluctuating attention span and organizational difficulties characteristic of ADHD may sometimes make it hard to maintain consistency and manage the myriad tasks that running a solo venture entails. 

By leveraging their creative thinking and employing strategies such as structured routines, technology aids, and professional support services tailored to their individual working style, solopreneurs with ADHD can create a dynamic balance that harnesses their energy and passion. This approach allows them to thrive, turning potential obstacles into stepping stones for building a resilient and adaptive business. Our platform is dedicated to empowering ADHD solopreneurs with resources, tools, and a community that understands and supports the unique ways they work, helping them to not just navigate but excel in the entrepreneurial world.

The Small Door

"Sometimes, having ADHD feels like someone made the door too small for us."

Solopreneur Coach, Craig Marsh

Coming out of the worlds of advertising and travel, Craig started his coaching journey as a Sales and Management Consultant. The businesses he worked with included ones he started alone up to a mid-sized company where he was responsible for a sales department of about thirty full-time staff. 

He relates to the challenges faced by the small business while having the theoretical understanding of  what is important to any business. These factors, melded with his own ADHD and having had many hours of coaching for ADHD and business, allow him to help solopreneurs with challenges that range from getting out of bed in the morning to understanding their finances and marketing strategies. 

Craig is a big fan of Gino Wickman, frequently pulling from the system he has created that is so appropriate for a small business. No fifty page business plans for Gino! Keep it simple and to the point the way someone with ADHD likes it.