The ADHD Company

Inflow: ADHD Support App

The  information sheet below describes Inflow, an app meant to support those with ADHD. The ADHD Company does not receive any remuneration from Inflow. We encourage people with ADHD to use Inflow because we see it's value. Clients of The ADHD Company can get a 30% discount on an Inflow subscription.

Your 30% discount code: ADHDCOMPANY2023
Subscription before discount: USD$47.99/month or USD$199.99/year

Here's how clients can redeem the discount: 
2. Click “Get started”.
3. Go through the onboarding flow and apply the discount on the payment screen.

Note: the discount code is only applicable on the web onboarding, if a user downloads the app first and then signs up inside the app directly it will not work. Users should sign up on the website and then download the app.